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Case – Crawford County

A 39 year old woman in Crawford County was burned by a defective gas stove in the mobile home that she rented. The landlord forced her out of the home and denied liability even though he had previously attempted to repair the gas connection. After meeting with the woman, a local, high profile, attorney declined her case. We took the case and forced the insurance company to pay the full policy limits of $50,000.

Case – Perry, GA

A 54 year old man from Perry was driving on southbound on Highway 41. A truck coming towards him in the opposite direction lost its load and scattered heavy machinery in the road. Unable to respond in time our client drove over the machinery causing injury to his back which required surgery. A local, high profile attorney was fired after taking no action for nearly a year. We took the case with only a month before the end of the statute of limitations and fought the insurance company on behalf of the client. The insurance company offered $50,000 to the settle the case. The case settled for $225,000 plus the cost of future medical expenses.

Case – Houston County

A 33 year old motorcyclist was hit by an inattentive driver on Houston Lake Road. The other driver was cited for failing to yield the right of way to the motorcycle. The motorcyclist required surgery and physical therapy. Additionally he missed 2 months of work. The other driver only carried $50,000 worth of insurance. After the insurance companies initially denied the claim, the client eventually recovered a total of $100,000.

Case – Warner Robins, GA

A 55 year old Warner Robins woman was driving north on 4th Street in Cochran when a pickup truck backed into oncoming traffic. The woman sustained a torn rotator cuff which required surgery. Attorney Monica Wilburn represented the victim and helped recover $60,000 in damages

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