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Social Security Law

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Most people do not anticipate the possibility of not being able to work, due to a physical or mental disability. However, studies show that, before retirement age, a 20 year old worker has a 3 in 10 chance of becoming disabled.

Here at The Law Office of Monica Wilburn, LLC, we have attorneys in house that can help you get approved for disability. The following is some basic information that will help you determine whether or not you may be eligible for one or both of the social security benefits programs which are: 1) social security disability (SSD: Title II) or supplemental security income (SSI: Title XVI) benefits.

Social Security Disability Benefits

Disability under social security is the inability to engage in substantial gainful employment (unable to work) due to a physical or mental impairment that will last 12 months or longer or will likely result in death.

Disability benefits are payable to:

  • Blind or disabled workers
  • Their children
  • Widowers
  • Adults disabled since childhood

The amount of the monthly disability benefit is based on the social security earnings record of the insured. To be eligible for social security disability, the worker must earn sufficient credits based on taxable work to be “insured” for social security disability benefits.

In Georgia, if approved the worker will receive:

  • Medicare coverage automatically
  • Monthly payments based on the social security earnings record of the insured

SSI is payable to:

  • Individuals (this program is NOT based on earned sufficient credits)
  • 65 or older OR
  • Adults who are disabled or blind AND
  • Children who are disabled or blind

The Individual MUST have the following as well:

  • Limited income (Social security looks at the total amount of money coming into a household – this could include a roommate or spouses income) AND
  • Limited resources (for example, food.)

In Georgia, beneficiaries will automatically be eligible for Medicaid.

You can apply for your social security disability and SSI benefits immediately on-line at www.socialsecurity.gov. If you are disabled and you wait to apply you can be greatly reducing the amount of benefits you are eligible to collect.

We Will Not ‘Farm’ Your Case To Another Firm

The Law Office of Monica Wilburn, LLC will have an attorney handling your social security disability case personally and will not farm your case out to another firm for handling. Monica has had an excellent success rate with handling Social Security Disability and SSI cases for individuals who have been previously denied.

Beware Of The Trap!

In order to collect on your misfortune, there are many lawyers that will advertise for Social Security Disability and SSI that have absolutely no knowledge about this specialized area of law. Many law firms have NEVER represented a social security disability or SSI client at a hearing before and/or do not even have an attorney on staff that will be able to help you with your case. DO NOT FALL INTO THIS TRAP! You need someone that has the knowledge and success to help win your case.

Consultations for Social Security Disability and SSI cases are free. Call to make an appointment TODAY!